Let's do research independently!

  Research in the Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory is a collaborative effort that combines the independent research motivation of students with the passion and philosophy of the faculty.

  In the Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory, we use organometallic complexes as the catalysts to achieve novel chemical reactions that were impossible in conventional organic chemistry. Since many organometallic complexes are unstable to air and water and decompose instantly, we must learn special techniques to handle these compounds under inert gas atmospheres such as argon and nitrogen. The acquisition of such special techniques will surely be useful for you in the future.

  In order to achieve the above objectives, we must design and synthesize new organometallic complexes that exhibit unprecedented catalytic activity and selectivity. We will then use these catalysts to develop innovative and novel synthetic organic reactions. In addition to discovering new reactions, it is also important to focus on the functionality of the synthesized organic compounds, aiming to develop new materials that can be used in practical applications in the future.

  The laboratory is like a "second family," so to speak. Please feel free to discuss with other faculty members and students anytime, anywhere. Do not hesitate to ask questions and answer questions in your research reports. As the saying goes, "Hearing is a temporary shame, but not hearing is a lifelong shame." Please ask questions about anything you do not understand on the spot. We also encourage discussions and meetings among students on their own initiative. Research is not something you are "forced" to do; it is something you do on your own. Please have the spirit that you are the most knowledgeable about your own research.

  The joy you feel when you obtain excellent results is irreplaceable. Even if your research does not progress as expected and you have a difficult time, "Continuity is strength". Discovering new facts and achieving goals that you set for yourself will give you confidence and help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter in the future.

  In the Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory, we also focus on English education and study abroad. Through our research activities, students are encouraged to communicate with researchers not only in our laboratory but also in Japan and abroad. English proficiency is indispensable for this. Let's enjoy our life through our research activities.

 Yasushi Nishihara,

PI of Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Okayama University
(Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
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