Access to NISHIHARA LAB(Tsushima Campus) 

Access from JR Okayama Station (West Exit)

At JR Okayama Station West Exit Bus Terminal, take Okaden Bus for "Okayama rika daigaku" and get off at 「Okadai nishimon」, 4 minutes walk to the east-northeast direction.


From JR Okayama Station West Exit,about 15 minutes by taxi (around 1,000 JPY). (Don't mistake it for Shikada Campus!)

Access from Okayama Momotaro Airport

At Okayama Momotaro Airport, take Chutetsu Bus for "Okayama Station West Exit" and get off at 「Okayamadaigakusuji」,7 minutes walk to the north direction.

Access by car (Sanyo Expressway)

Get off at the Okayama IC, go straight on Route 53 toward Okayama City, and when you can see the trees of the Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Grounds on your right, you will find Okayamadaigakusuji about 600 meters away.
Follow the blue road sign indicating "Okayama University" and turn left to reach Okadai nishimon.


Access From Okadai nishimon

Heading north from "Okadai Nishimon" (scramble intersection) and heading east on the road in front of the guard, the five-story building on your left at the end is the 「Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science Building」.
In the map above, it is " N69 ".
Take the elevator to the 5th floor and come to
Nishihara(505), Mori, Kashihara(512).
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